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What is the best Microfilm or Microfiche Scanner?

There are several microfilm and microfiche scanners on the market today and most do a very fine job of allowing a user to view, print and capture their microfilm images.

Most users are replacing aging Reader Printers that are failing due to wear and the discontinuation of parts and supplies needed to keep them running. These old Reader Printers produced a paper copy only, with no way to digitally capture an image from the microfilm.

Newer technology like the Micro-Image Capture line of compact digital microfiche and microfilm scanners are table top units that connect to the user’s PC via USB and stream the microfilm image live to the PC monitor where a user can view the image, make adjustments as needed to provide a clear image to print or save as a digital file. Options include image polarity invert (changes a negative image to a positive in real time for easier viewing), image flip, rotation, cropping, brightness, contrast and many other image enhancement tools. 

The Micro-Image Capture 7 is the base model of the series designed for use with 16mm images on fiche and microfilm rolls. The MIC7 is only $3,275.00 new and comes with a 1 year repair or replace warranty. It comes with a 7-54X lens, footswitch, software, cables and instructions.

The Micro-Image Capture 7 is also available as a universal motorized roll film model which adds a motorized roll film carrier for 16 & 35mm microfilm on rolls and still retains the fiche carrier so you can also work with fiche, jackets and AP cards. The MIC7M sells for $4,975.00

The Micro-Image Capture 8 is the ultra high resolution model with a 20MP Sony USB 3.0 imager capable of delivering high resolution images from 16mm and 35mm microfiche and microfilm images as well as aperture cards. This model is ideal for users that want to archive digital images, convert them to searchable PDF’s or  have Engineering drawing, maps, blueprints or other large 35mm images like those of Newspaper Microfilm. The MIC8 for flat media costs $3,975.00 and the Universal Motorized MIC8M for fiche, AP cards, 16 &35mm microfilm on rolls is only $4,975.00

The all new Micro-Image Capture 9 released in 2020 is the top of the line system and has now replaced all previous models. The Micro-Image Capture 9 has an 18MP imager and an all new high production software GUI . 

The new High Production Capture software included with the Micro-Image Capture 9 provides for many adjustments to image quality like exposure, contrast, brightness, sharpness as well as optical flip, rotate and invert (neg to pos). Send images instantly to your printer, e-mail or to a designated pc folder with a click of the mouse or included foot switch

Features of the new High Production software includes  production features like auto image detect, auto image crop and auto image de-skew. There is a multiple image detect mode that will automatically detect, crop, de-skew and capture as many legible images that can fit on the view screen in about a second greatly increasing productivity (large format monitor recommended for this functionality). recommends the Micro-Image Capture line of compact digital microfiche and microfilm scanners because they represent an excellent value for our customers. They provide value and performance at an affordable price and meet the needs of our clients looking to replace old Reader Printers in order to continue to have access to their microfilm data and make it available in the form of print or digital file when requested.

See our Micro-Image Capture information page here >> MIC9

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Written by Evis Beaton - April 2018

Evis Beaton is the Sales and Marketing Manager for and has over 25 years of experience in the Microfilm Industry working as a field service technician, technical specialist and service manager for Minolta’s then largest microfilm dealer in the USA. Evis has an ASEET (Electronic Engineering Technology) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis on e-commerce organizations.

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