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Kodak Archive Writer i-4800 (Pre-owned)

List Price: $19,500.00
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Item Number: i4800
Manufacturer: Kodak (EPM)
Manufacturer Part No: Digital Reference Archive Writer 4800

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Kodak Archive Writer 4800
Kodak Archive Writer 4800

Nice pre-owned Kodak Reference Archive Writer i4800,w/ one cassette (choice 100 or 215'), PC pre-installed with Kodak software and synced with i4800 for ready to use turn-key system. This i4800 is already connected with its host PC and ready for production. PC includes keyboard, mouse and all interface cables, customer provides monitor.

A breakthrough in electronic imaging, this combination of micrographic storage and digital access creates a whole new method of archiving - media that can be stored indefinitely yet accessed almost instantly.

Before we discuss the elements of integrated document imaging, it is important to outline why companies would be interested in the strategy of using the digital image for active document management and the microfilm image for document archiving. Clearly, there is no single reason that summarizes all, however several reasons are detailed below:

bullet Regulatory compliance or statutes dictate archival storage
bullet Protect valuable firm assets from technological obsolesce
bullet Protect valuable firm assets from loss due to disasters
bullet Freeze legacy systems
bullet Reduce information maintenance and sustaining costs

The Digital Archive System is comprised of two main componets:


Kodak Digital Science™ Document Archive Writer, Model 4800


"The Digital Document Archive System is the best choice for image archiving for digital system users because it provides low cost, long term, image storage that is protected from technology obsolescence and provides imaging system interoperability as attested by the nearly 80 years of archive storage provided by microfilm that is still readable by anyone today".

DAW.jpg (75015 bytes)The Kodak Digital Science Document Archive Writer, Model 4800, converts digital documents to specially developed 16 mm microfilm at up to 7,200 duplex pages per hour. As the writer transfers the digital image, an index is created, which can reside on the film or an external database.

The Document Archive Writer equips companies with digital imaging systems to better manage their documents. With the Writer, companies can purge older documents from digital imaging systems, transferring documents that need to be retained to archival microfilm.

This capability reduces the cost of on-line storage. It also allows companies to store all types of documents in a desired application onto digital imaging systems for rapid retrieval. Documents that need to be retained long-term can be archived to film as the rate of access declines. These film images can easily be digitized and integrated into digital imaging systems as needed.




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