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Pre-owned Minolta RP609Z Engineering Microform Reader Printer

List Price: $16,500.00
Your Price: $8,900.00
Item Number: 609Z
Manufacturer: Minolta
Manufacturer Part No: RP609Z
Price includes RP609Z equipped with the Standard Fiche/Aperture Card Carrier and Zoom Lens. 60 Day Warranty.
Shipping this unit in the U.S.A. will cost approximately $500, It will ship by padded van. Lead time is 3-5 days.
Purchase these refurbished units as equipped for about  1/2 of the cost of new!
Product Description:
The Konica Minolta RP609Z is the ideal reader/printer for users of filmed blueprints and other large-format documents. Wide format scanners offer a generous 18" x 24" screen providing a wide, clear view of your images allowing you to see more information at a glance.

  • Full range of productivity-enhancing features and options -- including an automatic card feeder, a fiche carrier and a three-speed open-reel film carrier that provide fast, efficient retrieval from a wide range of film formats.

  • Wide format scanners feature a motorized 7x - 24x zoom lens with smooth, even zooming at the touch of a switch for viewing and printing at a variety of magnifications.

  • Other features include:

    • Fast first-print output in just 15 seconds -- with up to six 18" x 24" prints per minute and up to 99 copies per print run.

    • Four zoom memory keys eliminate the need to adjust dials manually for every document.

    • Exclusive Micro-Toning system, precision optics and auto exposure control produce crisp high-contrast prints on plain paper in sizes up to 18" x 24".

    • Wide format scanners offer four lens options for all the magnification ratios you need -- from a single-focus 7.5x lens, to zoom lenses that span 9x - 16x, 13x - 27x, and 23x - 50x magnification.

Precision Zooming. Standard on Konica Minolta RP609Z wide format scanners is the powerful 7x to 24x zoom lens which eliminates the need to frequently change lenses. Zooming is motorized and can be performed in increments as small as 0.1x.

Zoom Memory. Four zoom memory keys make zooming as easy; simply set them to the most often used zoom ratios for one touch zooming.

Dry Micro-Toning System. Optical technology and electronic automatic exposure control system combine on our wide format scanners to ensure superior image quality. Manual adjustment over a wide exposure range is also possible.

Fast Print Output. First print delivered in the output tray in just 15 seconds. Subsequent prints are outputted at up to six prints per minute for 18" x 24" (A2) prints.

Ergonomic Control Panel. Provides quick and convenient control of all functions, including zooming, focusing, and printing.

Three-way Paper Feeding. Two paper rolls can be different sizes for greater printing versatility and a manual feed table lets you feed individual sheets of paper, vellum, colored stock, etc. without changing paper rolls.

Automatic Card Feeder 2. Holds up to 150 aperture cards and offers both manual and automatic card feeding. In both modes, the first card is fed and positioned for viewing in less than two seconds from the time the Feed button is pressed. In the automatic mode, cards can be fed in any of three ways for optimum efficiency - Single Card, Multiple Card, and Multiple Card/Print. Wide format scanners offer two manual control knobs to permit fine adjustment of the image's vertical and horizontal position.


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