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Konica Minolta MS-6000 Obsolescence - By Evis Beaton,

The Konica Minolta MS-6000 was introduced as a hybrid unit, bridging the gap between its predecessors the MS-2000 ( a SCSI PC interface only unit) and the Micro SP-2000 ( an output to proprietary KMBS printer only unit).  The MS-6000 could be ordered with just a printer port, or with a printer port and a SCSI PC port which is how most of the units in the field today are equipped.

When purchased new, the customer had the option to purchase a KMBS printer with the MS-6000, and the optional printers where the MSP2000L ( a compact, low volume, letter size printer) and the MSP3000 ( a large, high volume printer with a paper tray and a center tray that could hold letter, legal or ledger size paper).

When a printer was sold with the MS-6000, the main unit received printer model specific oscillator IC’s so that the output of the MS-6000 was synchronized to the printer and would provide a correctly scaled print. Therefore, an MS-6000 sold with an MSP2000L printer could not easily be adapted to take an MSP3000 printer. It would require a technician to order the correct OSC chips and install them onto the MS-6000 CPU so that the systems would be compatible.

This is why it is difficult to change from one type of KMBS printer to another today and there is no way to connect any other printer to the MS-6000 due to its proprietary video interface.

By 2016, replacement parts for the MSP2000L and MSP3000 printers like fuser units and heater lamps had become scarce and KMBS was in the process of making the unit obsolete due to the inability to provide high mortality preventative maintenance parts.

Users with the SCSI port option could connect the MS-6000 to a PC and avoid the use of the KMBS printer altogether,  but the caveat was that the only operating system viable for use with the SCSI system on the MS-6000 was Windows XP, which is also considered to be obsolete. Many organizations have regulations against using platforms that are obsolete, even in a standalone system not connected to the rest of the more modern network.

So with the only two KMBS printers that can be used with the MS-6000 obsolete, and the SCSI connection XP alternative difficult for many users, the system is unfortunately at the point of no return. 

A customer recently emailed me a copy of an email she got from KMBS in Rolling Meadows stating that the MS-6000 was in fact obsolete and that they could not help her with parts or repairs. The email with some redaction follows:



Sent: 12/30/2016 12:48:12 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: Minolta MS 6000 machine repairs


Hi Kathy,

Unfortunately, we no longer service this machine. This model has been obsolete since September of 2006 and there are no parts available.


Rolling Meadows Administration

Direct Administration

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

1701 W Golf Road, Tower III, Suite 800
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Office: 847-725-7900


So to sum it up, the MS-6000 can be used with an XP PC and will probably provide many years of good service since there are very few parts inside the MS-6000 that need replacement. The projection lamp is still available, as is the plastic scan rail that helps to move the mirrors back and forth with every scan. The units projection lamp power supply board is susceptible to a failure which causes the lamp to not illuminate and this board is very expensive (around $1,000) if available at all.

There are used MS-6000 units available and sometimes purchasing a used unit or even a parts machine to repair your broken MS-6000 can be much more economical than purchasing a brand new system.

KMBS produced the Minolta MS-6000 MKii unit as the latest generation of the MS-6000 and this unit does offer USB interface, making it compatible with W7, W8 and I believe W10.

A client looking to replace an old MS-6000 might consider a compact digital solution like the Micro-Image Capture 7 USB 2.0 system for fiche and/or 16mm roll film or the Micro-Image Capture 8 USB 3.0 with 20MP Sony Exmor-R Imager for microfiche, aperture cards and 16/35mm roll film.  

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Evis Beaton is the sales and marketing manager for and has over 25 years of experience in the Microfilm Industry. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and a Bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis on e-commerce. Contact 

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