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Microfilm Scanning and Imaging Services  * Free sample scans available, call for details

 Our state of the art imaging facility provides fast microfilm scanning and archive writing services while protecting your valuable information backed by a confidentiality agreement.


We scan the following Microfilm Formats to Digital:

  Microfiche & Fiche Jackets

 16mm & 35 Microfilm Rolls & 3M Cartridges 

  Aperture Cards
Microfilm Scanning to Tiff, PDF and other Digital Formats on CD or DVD! 
*We can also create 16mm Archive Microfilm from Tiff images! (see pricing below)
Microfiche Scanning Services utilizes state-of-the-art production microfilm scanners to provide quality digital images from your microfilm. These scanners are designed to automatically adjust image density for variations in the film and scan at rates up to 400 images per minute. We can complete your conversion project in record time!
We can scan all types of microfiche formats from 16mm and 35mm jackets to 48x COM Fiche. We can provide both bi-tonal and gray-scale images.
We scan 16mm and 35mm film on rolls or 3M type cartridges. We can handle duplex or simplex film. We provide both bi-tonal and gray-scale images from microfilm.
Aperture Card Scanning Services * Call for promotional discount pricing on AP card scanning! provides scanning of 35mm aperture cards. Our scanners feature image enhancement capabilities as well as the ability to read the punched Hollerith data to create the file name.


Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning to Digital:  General Pricing Per Image200 dpi, bi-tonal, TIFF Group IV format images, basic indexing by fiche, roll or individual AP card. 

PDF images are .0075 extra per image, Searchable PDF costs .015 per image. Scanning at 300 dpi, add .010
** Call us to discuss your microfilm conversion project, prices are subject to change without notice **

Quantity 16mm Roll Microfilm 35mm Roll Microfilm Legal / Letter 35mm Roll Microfilm Large Format  16 mm images on Microfiche & Jackets 35mm images on Microfiche   & Jackets Aperture Cards
< 200,000 .065 .12 .18 .080 .30 .75
201k-500k .050 .010 .16 .070 .28 .65
501k-1Mil .045 .095 .15 .065 .25 .55
1 Mil + .030 .070 .14 .060 .20 .45
* A typical 16mm image takes about 72kb of space, a 35mm can be twice that or more. 
* One CD Rom can hold from 10,000 to 15,000 16mm images depending on image quality and contrast adjustments required.
* For large image conversions, you may opt to have your data placed directly on a USB Hard drive instead of multiple CD's or DVD's. Call for pricing.  We also provide a secure FTP site for easy downloads at no extra cost.
* Minimum Conversion Order is $250 - Sample Scans available upon request. Requires a sample of your microfilm to be shipped to our scan center for testing. We will e-mail the .tiff images for your inspection and approval.


Microfilm Authoring (Create 16mm Microfilm Rolls from digital files):

We can create archive quality 16mm microfilm rolls from your .tif & PDF Images!

 Create Microfilm from Tiff Images:General Pricing Per Image:               Pricing as of 1/2017

Send us your G4 .tiff or .pdf document images and we will write them onto microfilm for Archiving!
Quantity of Images Cost to write .tiff images at a 24X reduction to 16mm Roll Cost to write .tiff images at a  48X reduction to 16mm Roll Large Format (C,D & E Size Images) to 35mm Roll Film
< 50k .035 (3 and a half cents) .035 Call
50k - 100k .030 .030 Call
100k - 500k .028 .028 Call
>500k .025 .025 Call
>1 Million .015 .015 Call

Additional Costs:  Archive Media Microfilm Rolls (In addition to the per image burn cost, the actual Kodak Archive Microfilm must be purchased and processed. Prices per roll including processing are listed below.)

Each roll of 16mm 100 ft. Archive Microfilm will cost $46.

Each roll of 16mm 215 ft. Archive Microfilm will cost $56

Each roll of 35mm 100 ft. Archive Microfilm will cost $86

Approximate Capacity of Archive Microfilm: (Use to calculate how many rolls you will need for you project)

At 24X Reduction, a 100 ft. roll of Archive Microfilm will hold approximately 2,600 images
At 32X reduction, a 100 ft. roll of archive microfilm will hold approximately 3,600 images
At 40X reduction, a 100 ft. roll of archive microfilm will hold approximately 4,400 images

At 48X Reduction, a 100 ft. roll of Archive Microfilm will hold approximately 6,150 images

At 24X Reduction, a 215 ft. Roll of Archive Microfilm will hold approximately  6,100 images
At 32X reduction, a 215 ft. roll of archive microfilm will hold approximately   8,400 images
At 40X reduction, a 215 ft. roll of archive microfilm will hold approximately  10,000 images

At 42X Reduction, a 215 ft. Roll of Archive Microfilm will hold approximately 12,300 images

** In order to reduce your .tiff images 42X, the resolution of the .tiff images must be excellent. You can e-mail sample images and we will inspect and determine if your images meet the 42X quality standard. Many clients choose to go with 32X.

*** Minimum archive writer order charge is $250

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