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Micro-Image Capture 7M Digital Microfilm/Microfiche Reader Scanner 10MP Imager, USB2, Motorized 16/35mm Carrier, Fiche Carrier, 7-54X Lens. W7/8/10

List Price: $5,295.00
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Item Number: MIC7M
Manufacturer: Micro-Image Capture
Manufacturer Part No: MIC7M

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Discontinued Please click for the new Micro-Image Capture 9 


A low cost, high quality 10MP digital microfiche & microfilm scanner with motorized roll film carrier!     

The MIC7M is ideal for fiche & 16mm rolls (see MIC9 for 35mm and AP Card applications) >>            

Product Description   

The Micro-Image Capture 7M is the latest in digital microfilm and microfiche image capture technology from Micro-Image Capture and features high resolution 10MP Imager allowing for full-size quality viewing, printing and digital capture of images on microfiche & roll film. Compact and easily portable design. Power and communication for imager is via USB 2.0 or 3.0 port while motorized film carrier uses energy efficient DC power supply. Connect with a PC workstation or with a laptop and view, print and capture your microfiche and microfilm images with ease. 

The Micro-Image Capture 7M uses the latest USB 2.0 / 3.0 technology for fast real time viewing on your PC monitor and is compatible with Windows XP on up to Windows 7/8/10 and MAC O/S. Motorized roll film carrier accepts 16 & 35mm open spool rolls and the control pad has slow, medium and high speed buttons for easy movement of the microfilm.

Capture software provides for many adjustments to image quality like contrast, brightness, and resolution as well as optical flip, rotate and invert (neg to pos). Send images instantly to your printer, e-mail or to a designated pc folder with one keystroke. The included multiple output functionality allows for printing, saving as an image file, e-mail, & ftp outputs that can be configured to activate with separate hot keys or simultaneously with one click! Output image format types include PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PSD, BMP, CAL, GIF, CAL, WPG and more.
Our multiple capture options allow for: 
1. full screen capture  
2. designated area on PC monitor frame capture  
3. area selection by mouse drag capture
4. multiple capture of selected areas on the same page (by mouse drag) that combine on one page when done

Print, save,  e-mail output or send imaged to applications like MS Word and others. Software also allows for real time recording of microfilm viewing (genealogy & research presentations) and comes with an OCR function you can use post capture. Set up a capture "hot zone" on your monitor and capture images by depressing the foot-switch for fast production style scanning.

Micro-Image Capture 7M is designed and produced in the U.S.A (patent pending) and is CE, ROHS certified.  With its light weight and small footprint, the Micro-Image Capture 7 can be used as a mobile microfilm viewer/scanner when connected to a laptop.

Price Includes: Micro-Image Capture 7M Digital Microfilm & Microfiche Reader Scanner w/ Motorized 16/35mm Universal Carrier (Includes Fiche Carrier), Drivers & Software, Universal Quick Thread Take Up Reel, 7-54X Lens, Foot-switch, Cables and 1 Year Repair or Replace Warranty.

* New 2020 High Production Software now available for the MIC7 and MIC7M. 
 Click here to view short video on features and functionality.

Youtube Video showing standard MIC7 software

Minimum System Requirements:

Intel Pentium 1.5G, Celeron, AMD or above
MAC OS X V10.3.9 or later / PowerPC G3, G4, pr G5 processor   256 MB Ram or above   250 MB of free disc space   CD-ROM Drive   16-bit color LCD display monitor or higher capable of displaying microfilm image at original size (27"+ recommended for engineering drawings)   Available USB port 1.1 or 2.0 (USB 2.0 or 3.0 recommended)   Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista  7/8/10 or MAC O/S *(MAC users need Win O/S & optional VMware Fusion)

Specifications:   Resolution - High Resolution 10MP HD video capture sensor 3468 x 2736
Magnification - 7X - 54X   Refresh - up to 90 fps, lower at full resolution   Capture time - about 1 second   Warranty - 1 Year
Dimensions - 14" L (front to back), 20" W and 7" H
Weight - 24 Lbs
Connectivity -  Image Capture Unit is powered by and communicates with PC via USB Port (6' cable provided), Illumination unit is a low power consumption electro-illuminescent pad rated at 10,000 to 20,0000 on-hours of life and powered by USB Port. The motorized roll film carrier is powered by a DC power supply.

Micro-Image Capture Scanners are made exclusively by and for, LLC - Micro-Image Capture is a registered trademark of, LLC
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