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Micro-Image Capture 8 Imaging Head upgrade kit for MIC2, MIC5 and MIC7 owners

List Price: $2,395.00
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Item Number: MIC8_Imager
Manufacturer Part No: MIC8_Imager

Micro-Image Capture 8 Imaging Head upgrade for MIC2, MIC5 and MIC7 owners. Includes New MIC8 20MP USB 3.0 Imager, focus block, software GUI, drivers, USB cable and users manual.

The original Micro-Image Capture 2 had a 1.3MP imager and a fixed lens in either 24x or 42x magnifications while the Micro-Image Capture 5 had a 2MP imager and was made available with either fixed or zoom lens. The current Micro-Image Capture 7 Imager provides 5MP  imaging resolution and a 7-54x zoom lens.

The New MIC8 20MP USB 3.0 Imager is the latest and highest resolution imager from Micro-Image Capture.

Updating your older MIC2, MIC5  or MIC7 system with the new 20MP USB 3.0 MIC8 Imager will greatly enhance your viewing and capture image quality with the latest Micro-Image technology and the highest native resolution available now.

  • The new Micro-Image Capture 8 uses a Sony Exmor-R CMOS sensor that is a true 20 Mega Pixel Sensor (1" sensor 5440x3648 2.4umx2.4um pixels) and ideal for viewing and capturing large format microfilm images on 35mm rolls and aperture cards. While other systems often quote high Mega Pixel specifications for their units, some use software interpolation to boost the advertised Mega Pixel rating of their system. Some systems that boast 14 to 26 Mega Pixel resolution use image sensors with as little as 6 or 7 Mega Pixels!                                                 

See Micro-Image Capture 8 product details here >> MIC8

Upgrade kit includes:

New MIC8 20MP USB 3.0 HD Imager 
New Focus Block Mechanism
USB 3.0 Cable
Drivers and GUI Software
MIC 8 Users Manual
1 Year Warranty on Imager

* This offer is only available to MIC2, MIC5 and MIC7 users. Trade in return of your old Micro-Image Capture imaging head is required.

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