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Micobra V-1 High Speed Diazo/Vesicular Fiche Exposure Unit

List Price: $8,295.00
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Item Number: Micobra V-1
Manufacturer Part No: Microbra V-1

The V-I Microfilm Duplicator

The V-I Microfilm Duplicator represents a leap forward in state-of-the-art technology in microfiche duplication techniques. It employs a tight registration pressure pad which anchors onto a spring-loaded glass to maintain total intimacy of contact between master and duplicating film. As a result both exhibit the same sharpness, resolution, and detail.

The exposing area has a curved glass which, with collimated light rays from the U.V. source lamp, provides optimum resolution. After the operator selects a time sequence, a PRINT switch is actuated, the shutter opens and exposes the duplicate film to the desired amount of light for perfect exposure.


· Exposes two fiche at a time
· Exposes both diazo and vesicular film
· Superior resolution for each actuation
· Accommodates ALL flat microfilms
· Compact, rugged, and economical
· Minimal maintenance
· Simple to operate

Master Format Standard 105 X 148 mm)
4" X 6" (101.6 X 152.4 mm)
Engineering aperture cards:3-1/4" X 7-3/8" (82 X 187 mm)
Copy Format Standard 4" X 6" engineering aperture cards
Copy Film Diazo, dry diazo, vesicular
Approx. Speed Diazo: 275 Copies/Hour (12-15 seconds each)
Vesicular: 350 Copies/Hour (6 seconds each)
Exposure Range Variable 1-60 seconds
Light Source 800 Watt mercury lamp (1500 hours life)
Warm-Up Time 4 minutes
Electrical Requirements 115V, 12 amps, 60 Hz
230V, 6 amps, 50Hz and 60 Hz
Heat Dissipation 4670 BTU/Hour
Dimensions Height: 10" (305 mm)
Width: 22" (559 mm)
Depth: 12" (305 mm)
Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg)

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