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Q: Can I upgrade a Micro-Image Capture 2, 5, 7 or 8 to the latest version Micro-Image Capture 9?


       Micro-Image Capture 2 & 5                                                    Micro-Image Capture 7 & 8

A: by Evis Beaton -

The first generation Micro-Image Capture 2 released in 2011 offered a fixed lens magnification of either 24x or 42x magnification and was equipped with a 2MP Phillips imaging sensor. The MIC2 and MIC5 both had a composite plastic base unit and fiche carrier. The software used on that first generation system was called "Webcam Companion" which was designed to work with the 2MP Phillips imager.  Later, a zoom lens was made available for the MIC2 offering 19-48X.

The Micro-Image Capture 5 was introduced in 2012 as the next generation unit and offered a higher resolution 5MP imager with the 19-48X zoom lens as a standard feature. It came with a proprietary GUI offering many more tools like image rotation, vertical and horizontal image flip, polarity flip and many quality adjustments including brightness, contrast, gamma, exposure and sharpness.

The Micro-Image Capture 7 was introduced in 2013 and was a complete redesign. The base unit, now being made of billet aluminum and anodized black was sturdy and designed to improve image stability and provide better  fiche carrier ease of use and ergonomics. The new base unit boasted stainless steel fiche carrier rails with ball bearing action and a new low energy illumination pad powered only by a USB connection making the MIC7 the first microfilm reader scanner powered completely via a USB connection, no external power source is required! The 5MP Imager received an upgraded high resolution 7-54X zoom lens as well as a taller post to allow for zoom and focus of large format 35mm images.  A MIC2 or MIC5 model can be upgraded to the  latest MIC9 Imaging Head & software. Call at 866-754-8885 1x for pricing and details.

The Micro-Image Capture 8 was introduced in 2014 and included a brand new USB 3.0 imaging head with 14MP of image resolution allowing for superior imaging of large format 35mm images like engineering drawings, maps, blueprints and 35mm Newspaper microfilm. The MIC8 imager was upgraded shortly thereafter to 18MP.

In 2017, the Micro-Image Capture 8 was upgraded to an all new 20MP Sony Exmor-R imager for superior high definition viewing and image capture.

In 2021, the new Micro-Image Capture 9 system was introduced and replaced all previous models. The new MIC9 has an 18MP imager, USB interface and all new high production software

  The  MIC2,  MIC5, MIC7 and MIC8  can be upgraded to and accept the latest MIC9 Imaging Head & software. Call at 866-754-8885 1x for pricing and details.

Click here to view Micro-Image Capture 9 details and pricing

Evis Beaton is the sales and marketing manager for and has over 25 years of experience in the Microfilm Industry. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and a Bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis on e-commerce organizations. Contact 

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