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Alos Z-43 Microfilm / Microfiche Reader Printer

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Item Number: 043.000
Manufacturer: Alos
Manufacturer Part No: 043.000

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Alos Z-43

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The desktop ALOS Z43 Reader-Printer is compact, highly functional, easy to use and provides a new level of convenience and economy.

ALOS’s Z43 is one of the most powerful reader-printers in its class. A number of advanced features are incorporated into the Z43, yet it boasts sleek design and compact size.

The Z43’s many additional automatic features make microfilm use easier than ever. Its single imaging cartridge with bi-mode capability eliminates the need to change cartridges for bi-mode printing. Now positive prints can be obtained from both positive and negative films without the need to physically change the imaging cartridge.

The ALOS Z43 guarantees you the highest quality, feature-rich reader-printer on the market today – at a low per print cost.

Simplified operation through a host of automatic features

Automatic Exposure Control with Micro-Toning
You can expect consistent high-quality prints, from every type of film, and even films of varying density, thanks to the exclusive electronic automatic exposure control system. Adding to that, the micro-toning system ensures high-contrast prints. For handling images with special requirements, a manual exposure control will enable you to specify light and dark settings.

True Bi-Mode Printing with Automatic Mode Sensor (optional)
The Z43 has a true bi-mode printing unit to eliminate the need for changing toner cartridges or even film type settings manually. The sensor allows the Z43 to automatically determine the film type so you get a positive printout whether you are using negative or positive film. The Z43 ensures accurate photo interpretation every time.

Masking (optional)
The Z43 offers both automatic frame masking and manual image masking. Manual image masking gives you the ability to mask unnecessary information by simply depressing LED buttons to mark that area. This ensures that you get only the information you need. Automatic frame masking eliminates the heavy black borders that make prints look sloppy and waste valuable toner.

Automatic Skew Correction (optional)
Automatic skew correction adjusts up to 30° for images that were slanted during the filming process. Use it and you won’t have to make minor adjustments for each misaligned frame; the Z43 will do it for you.

Automatic Centering (optional)
The automatic centering feature repositions off-centered screen images prior to printing (maximum vertical and horizontal deviation of 4/5“ (20mm). It’s especially effective for consecutive printing with automatic frame retrieval of multiple images.

Automatic Image Rotation (optional)
The optical automatic image rotation senses images from either portrait or landscape orientation and automatically rotates them for printing.

Productivity Plus Package
This optional kit offers the following in one complete set: auto skew corrections, auto masking, auto centering and auto image rotation.

Centralized Front Panel Operation
All vital controls are centralized on the Z43’s front panel for easy operation. The panel displays easy-to-follow operating instructions, making the Z43 exceptionally user friendly. What’s more, with its easy-to-reach paper-supply cassette, the Z43 dispenses prints from the front, allowing you to complete work without having to leave your seat.

Fast Output
The Z43 prints up to 10 pages per minute, with the first print in 10 seconds – ideal for busy libraries, schools, public-access archives, and local government offices.

Environmentally sound
The Z43 is constructed with recyclable parts, and uses non-toxic, organic photoconductive drums, a sounder choice for the environment. These photo-conductors enable copying on recycled paper, and reduce the noise level in the usage environment.

The Z43 accommodates all types of microforms with a wide variety of carriers for all your application needs. Whatever your preference: smooth and steady film transport is guaranteed – even in slow motion.

Optional Accessories

Universal Carrier UC59 and UC59M
The UC59 and UC59M are economical and versatile all-in-one film carriers. Both support 16mm and 35mm open reel film, microfiche, aperture cards, and jackets. An optional adapter for 3M type cartridges is available. The UC59 has a motorized film transport with upfront push-button controls, built into the handle, with three convenient speeds. Remarkable smooth slow motion, scan and high speed are available for forward and reverse motion. At high speed the film is protected from scratching by open glass flats. For hands-free operation of the UC59, use the optional variable speed control box. A low cost, manual model, the UC59M, is also available.

Universal Carrier UC50
The UC50 has a motorized film transport that uses variable speed motor driven control. All other features are equal to the UC59.

Universal Carrier UC2
ALOS’ variable speed UC2 universal carrier offers versatility, simplicity and cost-efficient performance. Changeover from 16mm or 35mm reels to fiche, aperture cards or jackets is quick and simple. The UC2 features a convenient semiautomatic loading system for rollfilm and comes standard with a four-digit odometer, four speed operation and automatic film end detection.

Rollfilm Carrier RC53 and RC53M
The ALOS RC53 and RC53M are versatile carriers for 16mm and 35mm film on open reels, and M-type cartridges with an optional adapter kit. Two models are available: a motorized version (RC53), and a low cost manual model (RC53M). The RC53 has two speed control options; a push-button control featuring three convenient speeds or a variable speed control knob for any film speed adjustment between 0 to 10 feet (3m) per second.

Rollfilm Carrier RC9B
The RC9B rollfilm carrier lets you view either 16mm or 35mm open reel film without having to change carriers. The RC9B offers semiautomatic film loading, automatic rewinding, end-of-film sensing, remote control, vertical scanning, high-speed retrieval and variable speed film scanning. An optional four-digit odometer is available for films without blip marks.

Rollfilm Carrier RC15A and RC15M
The RC15A and RC15M rollfilm carriers provide completely automatic, high-speed motorized loading and rewinding of 16mm ANSI (RC15A) or M-type (RC15M) cartridges – simply insert a cartridge, and the film automatically loads in seconds. Search, retrieval and rewinding are all performed using the simple upfront controls. A vertical scanning control permits highly precise positioning or centering of duplex images. To rewind, simply press the rewind button – the end of the film is automatically sensed and rewinding stopped before the film can be damaged.

Rollfilm Carrier RC21
Compatible with 16mm ANSI, 3M cartridges and open spool film, the RC21 winds 100 feet of film in less than nine seconds. Simply insert your film into the carrier and the film automatically loads within three seconds. Feed rates can be adjusted to one of four levels with the handy control knob. Using these features, you can simultaneously operate the Z43 and concentrate on the screen. The RC21 has several optional features, which together with one of the MARS controllers will give you the ultimate high-speed automatic searching capability.

Fiche Carrier FC9
In addition to fiche, this carrier handles jackets and aperture cards. The upper glass opens automatically when the carrier is pulled out for insertion of the various microforms.

MARS Mini Controller 2
For automatic search, retrieval and printing of 2-level blip marks with the rollfilm carriers RC15A, RC15M and RC21. It supports computer assisted operations, A Channel and B Channel searching as well as an odometer retrieval mode to aid in the retrieval of non-blipped film.

MARS Controller 4
For the sophisticated automatic search, retrieval and printing of 3-level blip marks with the rollfilm carriers RC15A, RC15M and RC21. It offers a wide variety of retrieval modes and other options.

Specifications for the Z43*

Desktop complete universal microfilm reader-printer

Printing System:
Plain paper dry copying

Developing System:
Micro-toning system

Exposure Control:
Automatic and manual

Type of Film:
Microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm rollfilm,16mm rollfilm cartridges

11 3/4” x 11 3/4”
(300mm x 300mm)

7.5x, 9x~16x, 13x~27x, 23x~50x

Image Rotation:
Prism rotation

Print Size:
Letter Size (8 1/2” x 11”), A4 (210 x 297mm)

Print Speed:
10 sheets per minute (8 1/2”x 11” and A4)

First Print Speed:
10 seconds (8 1/2”x 11”and A4)

Warm-up Time:
Less than 40 seconds

Multiple Print;
1 ~ 20 sheets (LED countdown indication)

Paper Supply:
Automatic feeding from paper cassette (150 sheets max.)

Power Consumption:
Less than 1.5kW

Safety Approval:
UL Listed

19 3/4”w x 32 1/4”d x 28 1/4”h
(503mm x 821mm x 716mm)

104 lbs. (47kg)

Bi-mode unit
Auto Masking/Auto Centering unit (AM/AC)
Auto Image Rotation unit (AIR)
Auto Image Skew Correction unit (ASC)
Productivity Plus Package includes: (AM/AC), (AIR), (ASC)
Manual Masking Upgrade unit
Rollfilm Carriers: RC53, RC53M, RC9B, RC15A, RC15M, RC21
Universal Carriers: UC59, UC59M, UC50, UC2
Fiche Carrier: FC9
Controllers: MARS Mini 2, MARS 4
Workstation 5



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