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Alos 41-II Planetary Document Camera, RoHS / Minolta DR-1600 MKii USB

List Price: $9,475.00
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Item Number: 04100005
Manufacturer: Alos
Manufacturer Part No: 041.000.05

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Alos 41 Planetary Document Camera - Microfilmer

Discontunued model, no longer availalble new

New Alos 41-II, meets  international RoHS standards.

Designed for fast, simple, efficient microfilming, it is the desktop microfilm camera for today’s microfilming needs.

Simply place a document on the copyboard, and the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 automatically selects both the correct reduction ratio and the proper focus. Now press the exposure button. That’s all there is to it.

Other features include automatic aperture size selection (single frame or double frame), frame indexing, single corner positioning, and auto exposure control – individual functions that work together to improve productivity and image quality.

ALOS Planetary Camera 41, when you need dependable, fast, simple, more versatile microfilming.

The ALOS Planetary Camera 41 automatically determines the size of the document and selects both the correct reduction ratio and the proper focus, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

The camera head can be easily replaced in seconds, allowing different departments to use their own camera heads for specific filming purposes.

A self-diagnostic system with red LEDs warns you when film is about to run out or when the camera head isn’t locked to the main body.

Full Upright Images
In addition to automatically sensing the height of the document to determine the correct reduction ratio, the ALOS Planetary Camera 41 also senses the document width to determine the correct aperture size. Documents up to legal size (8 1/2" x 14") are filmed in single frames while larger documents are filmed in double wide-width frames. But no matter what frame width is used, the filmed images are upright for easy viewing.

Auto Exposure Control
Advanced electronics technology provides completely automatic exposure adjustment for sharp, clear images every time. Manual adjustment of the exposure time is also possible for special filming needs.

Frame Indexing (Numbers and Blip Marks)
For faster, easier identification and indexing, frame numbers and/or blip marks can be selected and recorded on the film. Three levels of blip marks— Item, Batch and Block— are available. All are encoded inside the camera head to ensure consistent readability, as well as more accurate document exposures.

In addition, the operator can manually input up to three 4-digit numbers or a single 12-digit number to more precisely identify each frame with time, date or other vital information. These numbers appear along the top of the frame.

Zero-Space Filming
The gap between frames can be eliminated, permitting more documents to be filmed per roll and minimizing the flicker effect seen when viewing moving film.

High-Quality Images
The lenses produce high-resolution images from a wide range of originals, from single sheets of paper to books up to 2cm in thickness, at all focal distances. A fluorescent lamp system provides uniform illumination; ensuring consistent exposures, roll after roll of film.

Single Corner Positioning
The ALOS 41 greatly simplifies document filming by requiring only a single corner of a document be positioned correctly.


Planetary desktop

16mm x 100' (5 mil rollfilm)
16mm x 125' (4 mil rollfilm)
16mm x 215' (2.5 mil rollfilm)

Frame Counters:
12-digit resettable LED display, 7-digit non-resettable mechanical counter

F5.0 28mm

155 lines/mm

Electromagnetic, solenoid-operated

Reduction Ratio:
25:1, 32:1

Exposure Control:
Automatic or manual

Light Source:
(2) 15W fluorescent lamps

Power Source:
AC local voltage

Power Consumption:

Original Size:
Max. 11" x 17” (A3)

Frame Size:
9.7mm x 12.6mm (single frame)
18.2mm x 12.6mm (double frame)

Pull down:
10mm (single frame) or 18.5mm (double frame) Variable settings between 11.75mm and 20.25mm

Document Mark:
Built-in tri-level document mark

35 ½“ x 27 ½“ x 41 ½” (W x D x H)
(902mm x 700mm x 1,054mm)

90 Ib. (41 kg)

6-digit resettable mechanical counter

Foot switch, black copy board, and workstation






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