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Fish scales scanned with the Micro-Image Capture 7
View and capture in black & white, color, and inverse modes for sufficient detail to inspect a wide variety of flat and 3D media.
The Micro-Image Capture 7 allows for viewing, image capture and printing of Fish Scales, Paper Pulp and other media requiring inspection. Used by USGS offices in several U.S. States to inspect fish scales, the Micro-Image Capture 7 has broad applications beyond its niche use in the Microfilm field.
Government, State, City and other non-profits get a discount off of of our internet price. Please call us for more information.
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A low cost, high quality digital microfiche & microfilm scanner!

The Micro-Image Capture 7 is the latest in digital microform image capture technology featuring high resolution optics and electronics allowing for full-size quality viewing, printing and digital capture of microfilmed images. Completely portable, power & communication connect via one USB 2.0 or 3.0 port! Use with a PC workstation or with a laptop for a completely mobile microform capture solution.
The Micro-Image Capture 7 uses the latest USB 2.0 / 3.0 technology for the fastest real time viewing available and is compatible with Windows XP on up to Windows 7/8 (including Vista 32 & 64bit) & MAC OS.
Capture an image with a simple keystroke or with included USB Footswitch and save to your PC as a digital file or send to your network printer for a hard copy. The Micro-Image Capture 7 features a 7-54X optical zoom range perfect for both16mm & 35mm microfilm images on fiche, jackets, aperture cards and roll film.
The 7-54X optical zoom range lens is designed for the viewing and digital capture of 16mm & 35mm microfiche and microfilm images that were originally as small as checks to large engineering size drawings.
Fast and easy adjustment of magnification and focus is achieved via precision high quality optics and mechanical camera stage. New anodized billet aluminum base unit and fiche handler provides auto glass lift and is built tough with quality linear bearings for precision and long product life.
Capture software provides for many adjustments to image quality like contrast, brightness, and resolution as well as optical flip, rotate and invert (neg to pos). Send images instantly to your printer, e-mail or to a designated pc folder with one keystroke. Our exclusive multiple output functionality allows for printing, save as image file, e-mail, & ftp outputs that can be configured to activate simultaneously!
Output image format types include PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PSD, BMP, CAL, GIF, CAL, WPG and more.
Our multiple capture options allow for full screen capture, frame capture area selection by mouse drag and multiple capture of selected areas on the same image that combine automatically on one page for print, save or e-mail output functions. Software also allows for real time recording of microfilm viewing (genealogy & research presentations) and comes with an OCR function you can use post capture.
The unit comes standard with a fiche carrier that holds Fiche, Jackets and aperture cards. There is an optional manual UC Roll Film attachment that is rugged and easy to add making the Micro-Image Capture 7 a universal device, allowing for both flat media and 16/35mm roll film to be loaded without changing carriers.
The Micro-Image Capture 7 includes viewing and capture software that is compatible with Windows Platforms 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista thru Windows 7/8 & MAC OS,
The Micro-Image Capture 7 comes with a 1 year repair or replace factory warranty while most other manufacturers (Canon, Minolta, Kodak, Eyecom, Alos and others) may only provide a 3 month standard factory warranty.
Micro-Image Capture 7 is designed and produced in the U.S.A (patent pending) and is CE, ROHS certified. This low energy consumption green technology USB powered device is easy to use anywhere in the world as it requires no AC power . With its light weight and small footprint, the Micro-Image Capture 7 can be used as a mobile microfilm viewer/scanner when connected to a laptop.
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